Why it is important to uphold Academic Integrity in your Coursework?


In doing a particular coursework, students are always expected to come up with original ideas and outputs. Is this always the real scenario for students?

In reality, maybe we are too busy looking for the right terms and answers that we are no longer in check of our ethical capability. And this is the reason why sometimes people have a hard time answering this question: Why do you think it is important to uphold academic integrity in your coursework? This article will provide you with answers that will certainly give you various insights on why it is significant.

All of us should be able to answer this question first before relating it to other forms of coursework. It is important as the real meaning of academic integrity lies in its own words. Academic integrity is actually Intellectual Honesty. If people don’t practice intellectual honesty then those who are guilty of cheating should not be even considered as intellects.

Completing a coursework should be valued with authenticity otherwise it is nothing but disrespect to your own capability of doing your own work. Upholding academic integrity should be an honor for students because you cannot really appreciate the fruits of your success if you know that you have corrupted your own intellectual morals out of cheating.

Why it is important to uphold academic integrity in your coursework as regards to writing and presenting?

Do you take pride in something that is written in your own ideas and words? You should, only if you are honest enough to know that you’re work is original. We all know that plagiarism is the common case of damaging ones academic integrity nowadays. It is important that we know our boundaries in taking others work as only a reference because what others don’t know is that copying is a form of stealing. Nobody wants to hurt someone’s ego most especially if they have worked hard to express their original ideas to be able to share it to the world.

In an intellectual community, students and educators worship theories as much as they worship the value of grades and recognition. There is really nothing wrong with this except that being a part of an intellectual community such as an academic institution should not just be grounded alone on the progressive side of learning. Every individual should also progress mentally and morally because this is how a man move forward to success. The next time you ask yourself “Why do you think it is important to uphold academic integrity in your coursework?” you should now be proud to easily answer this to yourself.


Scott Waalkes is a professor of international politics at Malone University. He is the author of “Money or Business? A Case Study of Christian Virtue Ethics in Corporate Work” research. If you like it, you can buy coursework from him.

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