Coursework in Different Contexts

coursework definition

Completing a coursework is a common practice for students since it is considered as a classroom work assigned to an individual or to a group of students. Students in middle school, college or university, and even post-graduate students mostly encounter a coursework requirement. But before going deeper into the idea of a coursework, you are probably wondering what a coursework is.

The coursework definition in Webster Dictionary is a work assigned to and done by a student during a course of study; usually it is evaluated as part of the student’s grade in the course. In simple terms, a coursework is done as a part of academic or curricular completion of a particular course of study. It can be an oral or oftentimes a written work that is assessed to add up to a student’s over-all grade. Nevertheless, the coursework definition is not only limited to this context.

For educators, most especially for those who are geared towards attaining their doctorate degrees, they can also put coursework definition as an integral part of learning an educational course. A lot are probably asking why and how is it different from a standard and usual classroom set-up. Apart from the typical final exams wherein theories are intensely learned by the students, courseworks provide students an in-depth and extensive understanding of their study through their own research and analysis. Students are given the free will to use resources such as text books, journals, media, and even the internet to serve as references for a more coherent research. It serves as a gateway for students to step out into enhancing their reasoning and research skills that are necessary and essential at the end of each course.

The coursework definition can also be stretched-out as a passport to a higher degree or a passport to a successful career. Students who are yearning for a masters or doctorate degree would often be required a coursework that would take up to a year or two to complete. Not only will it broaden their knowledge in their chosen field of study but it will also add up to a more impressive and comprehensive resume in the future. It is regularly guaranteed to provide a competitive edge to ones resume since it is considered as a good preparation for the real work. It is also preferred by many since hands-on or practical work can be easily balanced while doing a coursework.

For many students, doing this kind of class work is not as simple as understanding even the shortest and simplest coursework definition. It is imperative to experience and grasp the meaning between the words ‘course’ and ‘work’ by which knowledge and discipline is combined. With both things in mind, fulfilling and completing a coursework and the course itself will likewise reflect a higher grade for students.


Levi Pace is a graduate teaching assistant and economics Instructor at University of Utah. You can reach him via linkedin.

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